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Mondher Laabidi is the Director of ABWEB Academy. He is the President, and a founding member, of ISOC Tunisia. Previously he was a consultant working with international consultant such as ILO and UNIDO.
He worked at Khawarizmi Calculation Center as Deputy Director in charge of Development. Mr. Laabidi is an active member of the AFRALO Community at ICANN, where he represents Tunisia. He also serves on the Organization Committee at ICTA, a conference on Information and Communication, Technology and Accessibility. He is also involved in the IETF.
Mr. Laabidi teaches in several universities, including ESSEC and IPSI.
He holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Trade and International purchases from the Université de La Manouba and A Masters degree in Electronic Management of Documents. Mr. Laabidi has a bachelors degree in Management Informatics.